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The Irish Lotto has become one of the most popular lotteries in Europe with over two-thirds of Irish adults reporting that they regularly play Ireland's Lottery games.

This Lotto has only 45 numbers to choose from, that makes it significantly easier to win the jackpot than most other lotto games.

The minimum Irish jackpot is 2 million (EUR). The size of the Jackpot is determined by the number of people who enter in each draw and rollovers regularly take the jackpot prize pool to tens of millions of euros.

Irish Lotto Instants produce at least 1 new millionaire each week.

Although the jackpot isn't as big as other lotteries, most of us would still be quite happy to take home the top lottery prize!

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How to play the Irish Lottery

The Irish Lotto is a 6 out of 45 game. In order to win the Irish jackpot, you need to match 6 numbers with the 6 balls drawn out of 45. You will also win a prize if you can match 5 numbers plus the bonus.

If the jackpot is not won, it will rollover to the next draw.

The Irish Lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday and is broadcast live from the studios of RTE.

The Odds of winning the Irish Lotto

The odds of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot prize are better than most lottos.

6 Balls1 in 8,145,000
5 Balls + Bonus1 in 1,357,510
5 Balls1 in 34,808
4 Balls + Bonus1 in 28,579
4 Balls1 in 733
3 Balls + Bonus1 in 1,755
3 Balls1 in 45

Irish Lotto winners

The game's largest ever jackpot of 18.9 million(EUR) was won in June 2008 by a syndicate of sixteen work colleagues at a concrete plant in Bennekerry.

October 2010 saw a jackpot win of 16.3 million(EUR). The lotto ticket was sold in Dublin.

In April 2010, 16.7 million(EUR) was won on a ticket sold in Dungarvan.

In November 1996, a lottery jackpot of 9.5 million(EUR) was won.


Irish Lotto started out as a 6/36 game in April 1988 when it replaced the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes.

In May 1990, the midweek drawn was introduced.

The lotto format was changed to a 6/39 game in 1992 and minimum jackpot was raised to 500,000 (GBP).

The format was changed again in September 1994 to 6/42.

In November 2006, the lotto format was changed yet again, this time to a 6/45 game. This was in order to create bigger jackpots.

In 2008, the company undertook a 6 million (EUR) rebranding campaign. This included a new color, theme and a new logo (a lime green coloured star with a smiling face).

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Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto

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