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Come and play the EuroMillions lottery (Euro Millions, Euro Millones), one of the world's first international multi-country lottery games.

Launched by Camelot on Saturday February 7, 2004, with it's first draw on 13th Feb, 2004, EuroMillions was among the first to join the ranks of world-class lotteries. The first jackpot was worth €15 million (Euros), an amount that continues to be the opening prize fund today.

Having grown in popularity and essentially one of the BIGGEST lotteries in Europe today, the EuroMillions is now drawn on both Tuesday and Friday, giving player's not one, but two chances to win the jackpot each week! This is good news for the rollovers as well, as the jackpot increases ever more quickly to reach the dazzling sums in excess, at times, of €100 million (Euros)!

This has made it one of the most exciting lotteries on the planet.

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How to play the Euromillions Lottery.

EuroMillions is a Powerball-type lotto game where numbers are chosen from two different number fields. Five balls are drawn from 1-50 and two balls (Lucky Stars) from 1-11. In order to beat the odds of 116,531,800:1 and win the EuroMillions (EuroMillones) jackpot, players must match all seven numbers with the balls drawn.

The EuroMillions prize fund is split into thirteen categories and has been designed to give as many players as possible a chance of winning a prize.

Tuesday and Friday night draws are televised on TV channels TF1 in France and TVE in Spain.

The Odds of winning the EuroMillions

Did you know - the odds of winning any Euromillions prize is 1 in 13.

5 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 116,531,800
5 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 6,473,989
5 Balls1 in 3,236,995
4 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 517,920
4 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 28,774
4 Balls1 in 14,387
3 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 11,771
3 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 654
3 Balls1 in 327
2 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 822
2 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 46
2 Balls1 in 23
1 Ball + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 157


National lotteries are generally limited to the residents of one particular country, but the EuroMillions Lottery pools the funds from all of the participating countries to make up the staggering Euromillions prize fund. This not only makes the prizes a great deal larger to begin with, but also has a dramatic effect on the rollovers. If there is no jackpot winner, the main prize is 'rolled over' to the next draw, and after only a few weeks with no winner, they can be well over €100 million Euros.

With this vast European lottery-playing population EuroMillions Lottery has the potential to become the biggest lump-sum, tax-free lottery the world has ever seen.


Delayed by ten years, the original plan was to launch EuroMillions Lotto at around the same time as a single European currency, but as so often happens, bureaucracy, politics and other miscellaneous factors meant that the plan was delayed.

Finally, however, the UK, France and Spain started the ball rolling in February 2004 and the EuroMillions Lotterywas presented by the countries three major lottery organizers: Camelot in the United Kingdom, the Francaise des Jeux in France and the Loterias y Apuestas des Estad in Spain.

Realising it's potential, lotteries from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland were swift to join the draw in October of the same year.

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Here is your chance to enter the EuroMillions Lotto, one of the BIGGEST lotteries in Europe today - with it's twice weekly jackpots starting from €15 million.

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