Australian Powerball
60 Million (AUD$)
Thu, Oct 05, 2023

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Australia's Powerball starts at a guaranteed $3 Million(AUD) and increases with each game when there is no winner. There are seven prize divisions including the Jackpot prize.

An average of around $9.7 Million(USD) is given away every week in a variety of smaller cash prizes.

So you have more chances to win one of the smaller cash prizes.

The largest single Powerball Jackpot win so far recorded is $80 million(AUD).

What could you do with all those millions?

How to play Powerball Lotto

Australian Powerball requires players to match 5 numbers from 45 with those drawn, plus a 6th number, called the Powerball number, which is drawn from an additional set of 45 balls.

Powerball lotto is played every Thursday.

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The Odds of winning the Australian Powerball

5 Balls + Powerball1 in 54,979,156
5 Balls1 in 1,249,526
4 Balls + Powerball1 in 274,896
3 Balls + Powerball1 in 7,048
4 Balls1 in 6,248
2 Balls + Powerball1 in 556
3 Balls1 in 160


Powerball is administered by Tattersalls, conducted by the LotteryWest organization, and syndicated to all Australian states.

The largest Powerball win ($80 Million(AUD)) was won by two players in July 2009.

Also called 'The Big One', the game is drawn at 20.45 local time and broadcast on live television.

Australia's Powerball Lotto was launched in May 1966 and is similar to it's US Powerball counterpart, which was created to allow it's players to win a prize by matching only one number (the Powerball). This is not so with the Australian version.

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The Australian Powerball Lotto starts at a guaranteed
$3 Million(AUD)
and averages 2 big winners each week. With six figure prizes, the
Powerball Lotto should not be missed!

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