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What would you do if you won the lottery? #07

What the chance to win big?

Do you dream of a big lottery win? We would love to hear what you would do if you won the jackpot.

Tell us your ideas and dreams and we'll publish them here.

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First thing I would do is pay off every bill I have including my student loans!! Oh what a dream come true it would be for me. You know what they say you can't win if you don't try!! Good luck to you.
JohnM, Eastport, Maine

As like anyone else, I would "pay off the bills", then set up trust funds for the kids, give out to my family, and do some good in my own area. This world is for us to live on and enjoy; so I'd set up some child-based activity centers (indoor and out), help to maintain or upgrade my borough's maintanance equipment, and help my neighbors. Having money wouldn't change me, but perhaps my quality of life would be improved, as I could afford to take care of my health better. I like the simple life, so no need for a new house.. just improve what I have.
Michael, Taylor, PA, USA

First, I would pay all outstanding bills and student loan. I would pay off my children's student loans. Set aside money for my retirement and for my grandchildren's education. I would establish an account for the grandchildren to tap into on their sixteenth birthday and again during their senior year in high school. Next I would give $6 million to Victory Christian for the work on the church and for outreach programs. I would purchase homes for myself, ex-daughter-in-law, two sons and siblings. My mother would not move out of her home, so I would remodel it to her satisfaction.
Linda, Tulsa, USA

I truly believe that if I did win the lottery, I'd take some time off from nursing to play and spend time with family, but I'd really like to take some of my good fortune and help others maybe with a medical mission trip. Don't get me wrong, I'd have to have some play time, but I really think I would miss nursing if I wasn't doing it.
Jacklyn, Mississippi, USA

I would pay off bills, then build our dream house. I would also buy a small cottage home in Barroterran, Mexico where my husband is originally from. Life is so much simpler there. I would invest wisely, and make sure my kids would not have to worry about how to pay for college. I would also give a good size contribution to the inpatient rehab unit at Children's Hospital in Atlanta.
Garcia, Southeast Ohio, USA

If I won the lottery . The first thing that I want to do is go back to my country. I want to build a big building for the poor children, help some friends with economic problems, and buy a big house for me and for my family in this country. However, in my country, El Salvador, I wish to buy a big ranch close to the beach. I want to buy a good car for my husband and I. For my children I would like to buy a lot of clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I want to travel around the world and enjoy life with my family. Maybe I'll open some business in my country.
Norma, El Salvador

At first, I would go to Harvard University. Once there, I'd study philosophy for a doctor's degree and improve my English to an excellent level. After my education, I would like to travel all over the world and choose some interesting places to live for two or three years such as Venice, Sweden ,Egypt, or New Zealand. All those are my favorite places. Being in those places I'd not only enjoy the glory of the blossoming flowers in Spring and the gloom of the falling leaves in Autumn, but I'd also make many friends with the nature people and try to live in their way, feel their happiness, sadness and worry about the things that they worried about mostly.
Peggy, Birmingham, UK

For me, the money would be an opportunity. I know people say this all the time but me and my girlfriend always discuss this. Say I won 2m. we have said we would buy our immediate family houses and pay off our parents' mortgages. Works out about 9 houses in total. We would set aside 1.5m for this. But then we would only have 500k left. She wants to go into property development and I want to build and run my own gym. With debts paid off, no mortgage, training, and a hefty sum of money remaining, we should be able to live off that independantly. I think of winning the lottery as a blessing and a test. In my opinion if you dont have to work or dont have a passion to do something in life, whats the point of living? If you win the lottery and decide never to work or just do nothing, then the lottery has just been a life sentence of boredom.
Connel, Telford, UK

I think 100 Million would send me over the edge! I'd have to give it all away! NSPCC and Childline would get it and any other childrens charity. I don't want a flash car as I'm a very nervous driver as it is (frequent prangs and accidents etc.) nor do I want excessive holidays as I can't stomach the thought of having to fly! (I'm quite pathetic really!) I just want a home for my family instead of having to rent all the time.
Jan, Brighton, UK

I would move back to my home state of Minnesota to be by family and have a 2nd home on the central coast of CA, where we live now, where my 2 oldest can live and attend college and we can visit whenever we want. I miss the 4 seasons and want my kids to get to know their cousins and such. But since I've lived in California half my life and my kids have lived here all their lives, I want to have a place here as well for visiting in January or so when we are sick of being cold.
Micki, SLO County, CA

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