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What would you do if you won the lottery? #06

What the chance to win big?

Do you dream of a big lottery win? We would love to hear what you would do if you won the jackpot.

Tell us your ideas and dreams and we'll publish them here.

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I'd party and continue working. Seriously, my church of choice gets its first dibs, the family and friends will be taken care of, and lastly, charities of my choice will be given some resources in the form of private funding it needs to help others ...
Vince S., Bay Area, CA, USA

I want to build or buy a house for me and my mother and my daughter and take my youngest brother to university next year, I also want to give to my community to build a hall because when we have community meetings we meet outside even if its raining.
Khayakazi, Alice, South Africa

I let my parents retire early. Then the whole family went back to Vietnam and live there. Go back to Vietnam is part of my dream.
Frost, Bowling Green, USA

If I won the jackpot I will continue my law studies and I will look for my biological parents and give them better life as well as helping the unfortunate people in my country.
R.Dial Quigaw, Isabela, PHILIPPINES

If I won the jackpot I'll send poor and deserving students to school.
Atty Julieta Herrera, San Jose, Baggao, Cagayan, Philippines

Its my long desire to win the jackpot, if given the chance I will continue my law studies which I stop for a long time already due to financial constrain, then I will put up a law firm to help the poor and the needy in my country for free.
Julietta, Baggao Cagayan, Philippines

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is to double check to make sure the numbers are real. The next thing I would do is get on my knees and thank God Almighty because he has given me a chance to really do what I feel the need to. Complete my church that I love so much. Help my family and investigate charities so that I may bless needy people as God has blessed me. I like the idea of adopting a needy family with education and a home. There are many people who just need a start in life.
Liz, Shirley, USA

First give 10% to tithe and charity, invest in Real Estate, pay off debt, build my dream home, car, start my own business so that I will be able to create jobs to build weath, surprise my son, pay off my brother's house and car and debt, buy head stones for my sister and mother's grave and take a month to six months vacation.
Marguret, Memphis, TN, USA

I would help others to become self sufficient by training poor people to manage the franchises that I purchase. Once they become good managers, I'll give them the opportunity to become owners themselves. In this way, instead of feeding a man for a day, I will feed him and his family for a lifetime. I will repeat this process over and over for the rest of my lifetime. This will be God's gift to humanity in using me in this way.
John, Indianapolis, USA

I would invest the money, do charity work around the world and play more lottery.
Thamsanqa Lloyd, Johannesburg, South Africa

We have a factory thats closed about 250 people lost their jobs. I would buy that factory, open it make solar power plants for homes all over the world. This would create many jobs and help the poor around the world deal with greedy electrial power companies. And I would study automobile liquid fuels and put the best one on the market to protect the working poor from big oil producers, don't get mad, get even! Show the world I care.
James Stanley Couch sr, Columbia city , United States

To be honest I seen many people who are homeless in my country (India) specially the people who develop our country they do not have a house to live. Cross my heart i would have built a colony for at least 40 family. I do not need all the money, I just require to have in my bank where i can have decent precentage from the bank. For exapmle if I get 1 million dhirams I will jut take 450 thousand for me. Rest I would built up for the kind hard working people. May god bless them, thanks Milton Vaz.
Milton Vaz , Dubai, UAE

I am working in a private company, if i won lot of money i will spent 25% social service.
Soundar, Coimbatore, India

I would take out my "in case we win plan" and do exactly what we have written down. It includes investing, saving for retirement, helping family, friends and strangers and last but certainly not least a little splurging.
BanitaM, Cleveland, USA

I would pay all of my bills off and help my family.
Shirley, Alamogordo, USA

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