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Tue, Feb 27, 2024

What would you do if you won the lottery? #05

What the chance to win big?

Do you dream of a big lottery win? We would love to hear what you would do if you won the jackpot.

Tell us your ideas and dreams and we'll publish them here.

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Three things - 1. I will make an auditorium for making and playing drama which is my passion 2. I will make orphanage for the children. 3. I will make a hospital for poor people who can't afford. Thereafter if anything left will make an old age home for poor and make a beautiful garden as well as some movement to resist environmental pollution.
Udaynil, Bhattacharya, India

First of all, I open free NGO's service for poor peoples in my country to give them education, shelter etc. and secondly think of rest of money by putting some kind of organization or any other source which i can gain more money to help my family and my country peoples.
Nirmal, New Delhi, Chattar Pur Extension, India

I have many business ideas that would revolutionize current business practices. I would build a giant garage to build my magnetic propulsion systems that are in my head. I would shore up my current business so I wouldnt be tied down by it.
Deshay, Canton, USA

First I will thank God for giving me such wonderful blessings, I will help my parents and I will secure all our debts. I will finish my study and I will take medicine course. I will help my other relatives, and most especially the poor.
Jessica Apolonio, Bulacan, Philippines

I would take my mother-in-law who lives in Chile to Genova, Italy where she's always wanted to go. It would make her so happy and me too.
Robert, San Mateo, USA

I have no personal dwelling house and also other necessary needs I require. So I establish my own house with urgent needs which I require immediately then I will perform some job for human welfare for most poor person.
Pratap, Chinsura, India

Layed off from my job after 24 years. Having difficulty finding another. Stress level is high, health not good with no insurance. Have teenage daughters and alot of bills. I would pay off all bills, pay college tuition for daughters and help as many people in my predicament that I could.
Tim, Hampton, GA, USA

I would be good enough in my wifes eyes to be in my kids lives and not just disabled and poor.
Wesley, Tuscaloosa, USA

Take my parents for a holy tour to Israel.
Branesh Kumar, Vellore, INDIA

I would spend it on cleaning up the plastic in the oceans of he world. Where there is a will there is a way but money definitely helps.
Trish, Comox, Canada

I want to build or buy a house for me and my mother and my daughter and take my youngest brother to university next year. I also want to give to my community to build a hall because when we have community meetings, we meet outside even if its raining.
Khayakazi, Alice, South Africa

If in case I won the jackpot, first thing to do is look if its true. If it is true then we will celebrate all people from BJMP will be given a bonus. I will cement our roads for free.

If I won the jackpot I'll take my bar exam, so that I can help my husband's family.
A.D Quigao, Isabela, PHILIPPINES

If I won the multi jackpot I would give all of my coworkers at the Charlotte Douglas airport money to a least pay a bill of their choice! My department has 3 shifts, everyone would get some money!
Stephanie, Charlotte, USA

I would donate a nice percentage of my winnings to my church, to the AIDS foundation, to cancer research, to the American Diabetes Association, to homeless shelters and to food banks as well as to a few cities general fund to keep city employees working. I would also do a little traveling and build myself and my mom a brand new home and buy a nice suv and maybe a car. I would also help out those that I know that need help with their finances without letting them know it was me that helped them. Lastly I would set up trust funds for my 3 children.
Rob, Cleveland Ohio, USA

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