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What would you do if you won the lottery? #04

What the chance to win big?

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In simple words from God Help myself my two precious girls and I (we are poor and needy homeless living in a moment in a room and partly their dad, my husband, (separated) living in his car and friend? And through financial lawyer help him for personal reasons and most important help the poor and needy like me who have been in shelter or charity through my church with my Pastor and eventually know God my children and I will not be homeless or sad again and God will grant a place in my heart call home with a loved one.. besides my two precious girls and GOD!
Anne, Suffern, United States of America

I would buy my dream home, a mansion, my Merc, BMW, Audi and Ferrari. I would open an Old home and an orphanage and support the needy thru and thru. I would give my parents and my siblings, a huge chunk of my winning amount so that they too enjoy life like I would do. I would travel only business class and travel the whole world. I would invest in property and jewelery for my daughter. I would also open a huge book store with coffee shop. I would become a Spiritual Guru. I would wear branded clothes, foot wears, shades! All in all have lots of fun, joy and travel!
Surbhi, New Delhi, India

Spend for my family - old parents and future.
Suvhrojit Sarkar, Kolkata, India

If I win 50 millions jackpot, I will donate half the money to charity.
Shaheen, High point, USA

I would like to hit the number to pay off all my credit cards and get some money in the bank so if something happned I can get it fixed and not wait till I get paid.
Tina, Randolp, United State

It will be nice and good by winning, I will enjoying with my family, and I also helping the poor people, I will making big busines, employing many people, those who are not working, especial young people, I will be going around the world, to for business, helping old people, those who suffer becouse of the wars around their countries, making good relationship with other around the globe, to learn other languages, to cominicate, I will involve in the other missioneries that helping people, will also involve in sports, devoloping youth, and to meet target in everything I do, various financing options considered to be most suitable option, supported the idea through issurance, to ensure the healthy of other people, by trying helping them, by good healthy foods and to contact doctors, to participate in any form of physical ...
Goabaone, Gaborone, Botswana

As i don't have a house of my own, I would like to buy a nice house for my dad. Then I would like to help poor people to get their basic needs, their food, clothing, shelter as I know how it is to live without your own shelter. The remaining money I would like to put it in my dad's account for his retirement and the rest in shares and for my bro's wedding and mine.... and will keep helping the poor. Serafina Gracias from India.
Serafina, Mumbai, India

If I win a lottery, I can continue the study of my son. He is ambitious and meritorious too, but for economical problem, he can't continue his study.
Subimal Sinha, Contai, India

I would try educate as many children as I can to give them a better future so they can fulfill all their dreams and I think education is the best gift anyone can give.
Laxmi , Colombo, Srilanka

If I win the Lottery, then first I will donate some money to GOD. Then I will buy a flat for my father, then donate some money for charities, then invest some money in share for future purchase.
Subrat, Bhubaneswar, India

When I win the lottery I'm going to buy my mom a house, a car give to charities, set money aside for my six kids and help my nine sisters out when they need help most. U see when I was a child not so long ago, my mom did the best she could, we never had a good Christmas nor the house. We always lived poor, when I was a child I did'nt understand, but I'm a man and I understand, so my lottery winnings is not for me, but for my love for people to be happy and know that there is always a way if u give and believe. Now hahahaha my next jackpot win, well lets just say it will be real nice for me.
Johnnie, Alpaugh, USA

1. Buy or adapt some house arrange big garden with trees and photovoltaic sun energy plant and bioreactor for vasts and composting. 2. Spend more time with my daughter and my friend her dog. 3. Release of my present job and restart and finish my postgraduate study whishes on bioingormatics, biophisyc's, biochemistry modelling. 4. Regularly finance organization of big endurance mountain ultra-marathon event on mountains around my town (300km and 6000m of elevation) and invite regularly runners and mountain bikers for team racing. 4. Provide loved ones there urgent foundations to start their life personal growth projects without the burden if that is possible but just to prepare them for educating and equipping for the action and compassion.
RunningInSnov, Maribor, Slovenia

Invest it to generate good income and then devote all my time and money (excess income that is required for supporting my expenses) to help needy people and make all my actions for the betterment of society and world.
Mohammed, Surat, India

I will start with good business where I will give chance to all to work and I will help the poor to stand on their legs and help them to become self independent
Mandar, Thane, India

I will start with good buisness where I will give chance to all to work and I will help the to stand on their legs and help then to become self independent
Mandar, Thane, India

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