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What would you do if you won the lottery? #03

What the chance to win big?

Do you dream of a big lottery win? We would love to hear what you would do if you won the jackpot.

Tell us your ideas and dreams and we'll publish them here.

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Helping all my poor family to a better lives. For myself I just want to make a small car workshop for continuation of my life.
Kartono, Jakarta, Indonesia

I can buy a big mansion and a big company for my family. Hope I have won in my dreams.
Baldwin, Chingola, Zambia

First, i would like to help my whole family through financially support i my brother and sister i can support the medication of my parents. And all my relatives who are really poor I'm always think of others needs. And specially sharing to those people who really needs a help, like a charity for kids, and home for the age and sharing all the blessings like giving donation in the church. Given a chance I hope and pray God will answer all my prayers
Mary Grace, Manila philippines, Philippines

If I won some money. I would like to donate some money to the old age home here in Mutare as it cares for many old people that have been abandoned by their families. How sad that after spending a life time caring for their children their children cannot care for them. Times are difficult world wide but it only takes a small thing to make an oldie happy.
Margaret, Mutare, Zimbabwe.

I just graduated college. I would pay of my student loans. I would donate some to the Alzheimer's foundation for my grandmother. And some towards research on ovarian cancer for my boyfriends grandmother. I would buy him a nice old hot rod that he likes. Pay off any debts my parents have for their business. Take my whole family somewhere nice, Bora Bora? For a nice faction. I have no kids yet, so I would set up a trust fund for my niece and nephews. I'd stop renting where I live and buy a house and fix it up. Animal rescue, I'd want to do that for my job, to help animals... I'd splurge on myself and go to NYC and buy some name brand items, go to broadway.. sight seeing. I want to help people, spend my time volunteering with kids, animals, people. I want to bring happiness..
Hope, Whitehall, USA

I would give 100$ to our church, and the rest buy myself a dream house and a car. Put the rest in my savings account for my child to go to the varsity
Felicity, Kimberley, SA

I would clear all the debts and would help my family members in need and would also take care of my dreams to come true as I need money for everyone.
Rashmi Mishra, Kolkata, India

I would buy my mother a house and a nice car and everything she ever wants. We are poor I have no father, my aunties refused to pay my school fees and I would like to take my family to America and on vacations and give some to GOD to thank him for everything and I would buy something for my grandmother and my family and help the poor.
Mwitwa, Mufulira, Zambia

I would keep 5 million to myself. help my Dad and Mother my children and sisters and brothers. I would open my own business give people a job with reasonable pay and give the rest out to people that needs help. My turn will come soon, I just have so much love in my heart. Wish I could help others now, but I dont have the funds to do that just yet and I do what I can. Money is for spending giving and helping others without greed in your heart and that's me. Its all about loving one another and I have love to give and with money I can do more for people. I have been on this earth for 43 years and seen so much evil in this world. If family just teach each other that love is a beautiful thing and free people would have more respect and help whoever needs help for the right reasons. Loving heart.
Carolyn, Louisville, USA

If I won the lottery I would buy mum a house for everything she has done for me I would give my kids a stable life. When I leave I would give nothing to charity. No offence, I would give some to the rspca (animals) defo not people who are not my family. Why would you do that? They would never help you out. Heartless i know but you need to be Look after number one.
David Orourke, Paisley, Renfrewshire

Being frank I wont be giving half of amount to the poor because charity begins at home, I would buy my own home, car, start a restaurant, invest rest of the money in gold and properties, I would have a good life and even people around me would be happy
Ahmer, Rocky, India

First I make myself to became a better position in society and after that I donate some amount for hospitality to make good for poor peoples. I will left from the job first and mentain my own business. Have a bank balance take enjoyment life in a future. Thanks for sharing
Md Akram, Bellary, India

If I win the lottery, I will the invest the money in social cause and will the create the employment for needy people.
Sanjay Kumar, Hazaribag, India

In order of preference, I would like to do the following ..... (1)One Old Home for old and destitute mothers in memory of my mother in my city, (2)One small Shop with day to day necessities in my city employing people with voluntary service on no profit no loss basis.
Bikash, Shillong_Calcutta, India

If I won the lottery I would immediately further educate myself and build my parents a comfortable place to live in. I also have the passion for helping others therefore I would give to those in need through sharing God's love with them and assisting where there is need for education and good health but ultimately happiness.
Shannon, Harare, Zimbabwe

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