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What would you do if you won the lottery? #02

What the chance to win big?

Do you dream of a big lottery win? We would love to hear what you would do if you won the jackpot.

Tell us your ideas and dreams and we'll publish them here.

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We will go for a world tour. We will buy a truck. We will built a old age home and an orphanage .......
Shaji Mathew, Thiruvalla, India

Since being a winner will make big changes for me, I would the same for others.
Keesha, Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago

If I win the lottery. Firstly I buy a home for my parents and after money spend in poor student education, for good condition hospital in India. For pollution and others social work in India and world. All happy in world.
Heeraram, Barmer, India

I will keep some money for the future of my son, plan another baby, donate to charities and help the downtrodden and go and visit places all across the globe. Will also like to give some money to my mother, who brought me up with a lot of difficulty. Would also like to own a dream house and a dream car.
Rajashree Mustafi, Kolkata, India

When I win I will first buy a house in Mumbai and also get buy a second house in Nasik preferably on the Ground or First floor as it would be better for my aged parents. Also they can then give their house on rent and get rental income. I will then get knee replacement done for my father and get a whole new wardrobe for my parents and jewelry for my mother. I will also repay all of the home loan of my brother and give money for his sons education. I will also give money to charities helping the aged and children and giving food for the poor. I will buy cars for parents, brother and myself too. I will then invest rest of the money wisely.
Sameer, Nasik, India

I would donate 10% of it in charity for helping the needy people and by the rest of money I would make my life ..
Ganesh, Pune, India

I like to buy a new home and repair the old one, start a business of my own. Give help to those who are needy, make future of someone who is unable to make himself.
Aftab, Kolkata, India

Just last week I missed Jackpot in India with one number only. If I won then my first choice to poor children should enjoy school education on that money -- God will always behind me for lottery.
Sachin Petkar, Pune, India

1st Thank God! Pay my debts; help family, friends. Buy a new car for my daughter. Create a fund for my two great-grandsons education. Help my church of course. Make all the repairs on our home. A new computer for myself, and I need new glasses. But it will never happen, I don't win anything.
Maggie, Fort Wayne IN, USA

Definitely Money is not a God but without money no one could survive in this world so I will keep 75% of it for welfare and education of my family and will spend 25% of it for needy
Pramod, Nagpur, India

I wanna buy Aston Martin Vanquish car?
Benudhar Sahoo, Nimapara, India

I would buy a old villa in Tuscany and fix it up and then maybe also have a little loft in Venice in some really old building, because that has always been my dream to live in Italy, so much beauty and history.
John, New Zealand

I want to help poor child whose parents do picking garbage job, and they cannt to educate there children, there children live without cloths, shoes, in every season day and night. And I also want to help these people who can't effort the major injury expences. And I also want for my daughter bright future.
Priyatam, Uttarakhand, India

I will help those children who wish to do something in life.
Surinder, Vadodara, India

Respected Sir /Madam, First of all if this is genuine I would like to have myself secured. Its my wish that if I ever won any jackpot in my life which makes my birth success on this earth I would really like to donate to orphans, donate to the trust which genuinely helps poor childrens for their educations, hospitals were there wan be any lack of equipments to treat the cancer patients specially for which getting the cure one would not get worried with the name of this type of high disease. If this things will be done I think all the middle class people would survive through it. This is what I wish as I was not not able to save my mum n sister financially and if this things are fulfilled on time I think it will be a great job. At last ld like to keep my family very happy everyways
Rajesh, Mumbai., India.

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