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Tue, Jul 16, 2024

Frequently Asked Lottery Questions

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Must I be a resident of a country to play the lottery?
No. You can play the lottery from anywhere in the world via this site. Although some lotteries will only allow you to play directly if you are a resident of that country, it is perfectly legal to buy tickets through a ticket purchasing service such as theLotter for any lottery. This allows you to participate in almost any lottery in the world.

What is the difference between an estimated and guaranteed Jackpot prize?
Every week the Jackpot is estimated at an amount, according to expected sales. A guaranteed Jackpot prize is not affected by sales, unless a higher Jackpot amount is expected because of rollovers. In cases where the estimated Jackpot amount exceeds a guaranteed Jackpot amount, the guaranteed will fall away to a higher estimated amount.

How do I play online? Just place your numbers into the online playslip, press Play and enter your account details. If this is the first time that you have played, you will need to open an account - which is a simple operation and only takes a couple of minutes.

Do I need a credit card to play lotto online?
Not always, some lottery ticket vendors will also allow you to play using wire transfer, travellers cheques and postal order or via Neteller ie theLotter.

What happens if I win?
If you win, you will be notified via email. Your winnings can be paid either into your playing account or into your bank account.

Can I purchase lottery tickets through
No. We do not sell tickets for any lottery or lotto. Tickets are purchased from the respective lottery site via

What happens if there is a dispute over the tickets or winnings? If you have any disputes or queries over the tickets that you have purchased or the winnings, you should take up the issue with the ticket vendor. Their websites show the terms and conditions of that site and usually have an FAQ of their own. is not responsible for vendor sites.

Will I recieve any emails as a result of using this site?
Absolutely not. does not participate in any email promotions and has a strict anti-spam policy. You will never recieve any unsolicited emails from us and we will never pass on any of your details to anyone else.

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