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158 million (USD$)
Sat, Aug 08, 2020

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If I am win, first I am advertising this site and pray to god every poor people - Play lottery on this site and win and also they prey for another poor people. With the winning amount, when revived, first I will start one soda shop and ice cream parlour in Pune city. Also some amount will invest in share market. If any franchises available take some advantages.
Rupesh, Pune, India

I would open transportation for foreigner and Namibian safe platform. Build a stage for music performance, build accommodation for Namibians and also none Namibians.
David, Gobabis, Namibia

If I won am going to start small hotel 15 people working with me.
Ganesh, Mangalore, India

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Lotto results

SuperEna Lotto Rollover

Superena Lotto Rollover

Estimated Jackpot
€ 23.6 million
Sat, Aug 08, 2020

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It's a US
Mega Millions

US Mega Millions

Estimated Jackpot
$ 22 million
Fri, Aug 07, 2020

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Coming Up

75 million (EUR)


Euro Millions
64 million (EUR)


US Mega Millions
22 million (USD$)


Spanish BonoLoto
1.1 million (EUR)


UK Thunderball
500 thousand (GBP)


US Powerball
158 million (USD$)

Draw tomorrow

New Zealand Powerball
39 million (NZ$)

Draw tomorrow

Italian Superena Lotto
23.6 million (EUR)

Draw tomorrow

German Lotto
22 million (EUR)

Draw tomorrow

Swiss Lotto
10.6 million (CHF)

Draw tomorrow

South Africa Lotto
9 million (ZAR)

Draw tomorrow

UK Lotto
7.1 million (GBP)

Draw tomorrow

Irish Lotto
6.2 million (EUR)

Draw tomorrow

French Loto
6 million (EUR)

Draw tomorrow

Australian Saturday Lotto
4 million (AUD$)

Draw tomorrow

Spanish La Primitiva
2 million (EUR)

Draw tomorrow

Canada Lotto 6/49
11 million (CAD$)

Draw in 2 days.

Spanish El Gordo
7 million (EUR)

Draw in 2 days.

Lottery Trivia

USA A man who won 50,000 (USD) in the state lottery died the next day. Clarence Kinder, 77 years old, won the money Thursday on a televised lottery show. He died Friday night of a heart attack. 'Thursday was the greatest day of his life' said his stepdaughter.

Daily Fact

AU Approx 46 million Australian lottery games are played in Saturday Lotto each week. On average, only 230,000 games will win a prize.

Lotto Jargon

Numbers game This term can be used for any lottery game where winners are determined by a random selection of numbers. However, it is often used more specifically for a game where a player selects three or four digits (0 to 9) and matches them with a similar set selected at random by the lottery. The player can select several different types of wagers with payoffs varying accordingly. For example, players making a 'straight' bet will win $500 on a $1 bet if their three digits match the three digits selected by the lottery in the same order. Some form of numbers game is played in 31 of the 38 U.S. lottery jurisdictions and four of the five Canadian lotteries.


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