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Sat, Apr 1, 2017

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Global lottery firm odds on to take major share

When the US PowerBall jackpot soared to $1.5 billion last year, the company signed up an additional 250,000 players in Australia in just 48 hours. The recent changes to the Lotto here € the hike in price and the additional numbers € were also designed ...

South Perth syndicate one of WA€s two

ONE of Western Australia€s $4.2 million Division 1 winning tickets from ... wonderful it is to know you€ve made not only one but 10 of your customers Division 1 Lotto winners.€ One of the syndicate members, a man in his 50s from Bunbury, wasted ...

$21M Saturday Lotto Results for Saturday March

The winning numbers for Australia€s Saturday Lotto draw on Saturday March 25 th were 23, 20, 39, 16, 35, 28 and the supplementary numbers were 27 and 4. The Saturday Lotto had a jackpot of $21 million up for grabs and it will have been won by any ...

NSW Govt wants you to €win the housing

€If you are going to get your house bought, or you want to sell your house because you actually live near a railway station€ I want this to be, and this government wants it to be for those people, to be like winning the lottery.€ Planning and Housing ...

$10M Oz Lotto Results for Tuesday March

The winning numbers from the Oz Lotto draw on Tuesday March 21 st were 27, 25, 44, 33, 6, 15, 31 and the supplementary numbers were 26 and 19. The draw produced 242,083 winning players that shared prizes worth a combined total of $5,438,404.90. Two players ...

Big lottery win a dream come

A survey conducted for lottery groups in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and NSW found 30.4 per cent of respondents thought winning at least $10million in a lottery would be ideal to make their dreams a reality. A smaller 24.3 per cent of people ...

Money does buy happiness, says lottery group

A recent survey conducted for lottery groups in Australia showed that it takes AUD$10 million (US$7.7 million) to realize their dream and be happy. ReachTel, the organization commissioned by lottery groups in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland ...

Online Sales for US Powerball Lottery Tickets See

It was in 2016 that worldwide interest in the American lotteries was sparked when millions in prizes was won by theLotter players in El Salvador, Canada and Australia. The Powerball tickets of the winners had been purchased by theLotter agents in the US.

Activistic hits the mark with new sports lottery

In February 2017, Plus Connect launched €Magpie Millions€, sports lottery product in partnership with Collingwood ... overseas and represents a significant opportunity in the Australian market, where products with these characteristics have not yet ...



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Play the Australian Saturday Lotto

Play the Australian Saturday Lotto

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