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Tue, Mar 31, 2015

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UK 21,785,500 people watched the first UK National Lottery Live Show on 19 November 1994. The extra national electricity demand at the time of the show exceeded 2,500 megawatts!

Play the Swiss Lotto

Play the Swiss Lottery

The Swiss Lotto (Loterie Suisse) has been making millionaires for many years. It is run by 'Loterie Romande', which is controlled by Switzerland's six French-speaking Cantons.

This year, the Swiss Lotto will pay out over 500 Million Swiss Francs (about 360 Million (USD)) to players in Switzerland and overseas. It is now possible to win more than a million Swiss Francs each week!

Fancy your chances?

The Swiss franc has always held its value better than any other currency in the world. This is because Switzerland is the only country that has it's currency backed 100% by gold.

Swiss bank accounts are used mostly to deposit money into. But how often have you heard of someone taking money out of Switzerland and placing it into a personal bank account in their own country? Play the Swiss Lotto today and get a real chance to do just that!

The miniumum jackpot starts at CHF 2 million. When the jackpot is not won, it is added to the next draw, making the prize fund rise with each rollover!

You could become Switzerland's next multi-millionaire and you don't have to be a Swiss citizen, or even live in Europe. You can play the Swiss Lotto from anywhere in the world!

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How to play Swiss Lotto

The Swiss Lotto is a 6 out of 45 lotto game. You need to match 6 numbers with the lottery balls drawn in order to win the Swiss jackpot. A bonus ball is also drawn and this is used to raise the second division prize.

The Swiss Lotto has two draws per week on Wednesday and Saturday and is broadcast live on Switzerland's national television.

The Odds of winning the Swiss Lotto

The odds of winning any Swiss Lotto prize are better than most other lotteries!

6 Balls1 in 8,145,060
5 Balls + bonus1 in 1,357,510
5 Balls1 in 34,808
4 Balls1 in 733
3 Balls1 in 45

Swiss Lotto Winners

Feb 2009. The Swiss Lotto produced it's 500th and 501st millionaires. Both winners got the jackpot and scooped 1.78 Million (CHF) each.


1937. Loterie Romande was etablished as the governing body for Loterie Suisse (the Swiss Lotto). The goal was to organize a lottery in western Switzerland.

Jan 1970. The Swiss Lotto was launched as the main lotto game for Loterie Romande and was a 6 from 40 game.

1978. Loterie Romande introduced the first instant scratch card in Europe.

April 1979. The play matrix was changed to 6 from 42.

Jan 1996. The play matrix was changed again into it's current format of 6 from 45. The Wednesday draw was also added.

How would you like have the chance to become Switzerland's next millionair?

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Play the Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto Results

Lotto Results

Swiss Lotto

Play the Swiss Lottery

Ever imagined winning the lottery and having a small fortune of your own sitting in a Swiss bank account? Well, here's your chance!

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