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Todays Highest Jackpot
US Mega Millions
65 Million (USD$)
Tue, Apr 21, 2015

Daily Fact

UK Mr Deakin, a businessman from South Wales was on holiday in Belgium when he realised he had won a 1.8 million (GBP) jackpot. He was so concerned about the safety of his winning ticket that he pinned it inside his shirt until he return to Porthcawl.

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In September last year, Basha, a parlimentary reporter from Delhi, found himself $10 million (USD) (Rs 45 crore) richer. Of course, he never expected to win.

So how did this grand win come about? Simple. Basha logged on to a free lotto website, a ritual he indulges in every evening and picked his 6 numbers. The next thing he knew, he was a millionaire ten times over. He will get this money over the next 30 years, as per the games rules. But he isn't complaining.

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